Calls For Charity

In order to support the amazing work being done in our community by the Carolina Hurricanes Foundation, I am bookable on Cameo for customized announcements. Whether you’re looking to have your name in a Carolina Hurricanes GOOOOOOOOOOOAAALLLLL, send your friends to the penalty box, announce a wedding or new baby, or basically anything else that would sound good in a loud voice, we can make that happen.

A true professional in all he does. Few can compare and he is often imitated throughout the Carolinas….but never duplicated.

There are two ways to get a customized announcement:

  1. Head over to my page on Cameo and book a session. Be sure to give me as much detail as you can, so that I can make it special (favorite number, favorite players, fun facts, etc). Or…

  2. Make a donation of at least $50 directly to the Carolina Hurricanes Foundation, and email me the receipt (to wade at wademinter dot com), along with the details of what you want in the call.

100% of proceeds go directly to the Carolina Hurricanes Foundation. So you can get a unique memory, and know that you’re helping your community at the same time!

“Thank you Wade! The video you did for my wife’s birthday was fantastic!”